• Name: DUO Token
🟣Contract Address for AVAX (No trasnfer Tax)
  • $DUO : 0xed4102f3a1a24bD4Ef1f29b90CD8bf00a540c0c2

  • $DUO : 0x4ff6334aa95aFfC85F09738eEfc866cBEA7DC7c6

  • $DUO : 0x779d5AECf90c724347B6A5a92083DaF57296459E

  • Max rate of 0.02 DUO/s (subject to be adjusted upon market condition)
  • 9.09% dev fee for project growth and partnerships

DUO has totally different system from SING. SING is capped with a max supply, whereas DUO is capped with a max emission rate of 0.02. DUO already starts with a very low emission rate which will decrease gradually according to the APR. Many have felt that low apr is the cause of the vicious cycle such as withdrawing funds → decreased in revenue → Less rewards and so on. So we are adjusting the inflation rate with the target APR. We will control the inflation through adequate burnings of DUO
9.09% $DUO commission from emission will be used exclusively for future partnerships with other farms and vaults. None of this commission will ever be sold to the open market, which would negatively affect the price of the $DUO token.

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