Transferring Funds to Matic

Transferring Funds to Matic (Polygon)

In order to use, you'll need to send some assets onto the Polygon blockchain. This process is called bridging. Depending on the originating blockchain, the bridge you use will differ.

Exchanges Supporting Matic Deposit and Withdrawal.

Deposit Matic (Matic)
Deposit USDT (Matic)
Deposit USDC (Matic)
Withdrawal Matic (Matic)
Withdrawal USDT (Matic)
Withdrawal USDC (Matic)
No bridge is required for this. You will need to register an account to use the exchange. There are fees associated with withdrawals.

Ethereum (ETH) to Polygon

The official Polygon MATIC Wallet has a built in bridge, where you can send various assets from Ethereum (ETH). Note that a fee will need to be paid in ETH to bridge your assets.
This bridge currently supports a variety of tokens and is easy to use. It is the official and recommended method to bridge funds safely onto Polygon blockchain.
Worried about not having any MATIC for gas fees after bridging? Fear not, you will be given 0.01 MATIC when first using the bridge, which will cover quite a few transactions to get you started!

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Polygon

Note that xPollinate is an unofficial bridge, but many community members have successfully used it to bridge funds.
There is an unofficial BSC/xDAI to Polygon bridge, by xPollinate. A small fee is charged for using this service, which will be detailed for you before accepting the transfer.
Supported tokens for bridging:
  • DAI
  • USDC
  • USDT
During busy times, the Polygon MATIC exit liquidity on xPollinate may be insufficient for your desired amount. Keep refreshing xPollinate's homepage every so often, to check when there is enough liquidity for your transaction!

Bridging from Elsewhere

Bridging from other blockchains is currently unsupported, do so at your own risk!

Polygon MATIC Faucets

If for one reason or another, you find yourself out of MATIC for gas, you can always use one of the MATIC faucets to help you out.