Simplified source code

Normally, strategic vaults have multi-contract structure with full of references.
In terms of programming, splitting into atomic modules can be a good way to code neatly. However, this makes it very difficult for users and reviewers to check safety since they have to hop over multiple files and functions to check thoroughly. Also it becomes easy to insert malicious code without being noticed.
We've made it very simple. Since we value our partner farms and ecosystem, we don't compound earned rewards which impose continuous sell pressure. Instead, users who believe in the future of the chain can collect the representative token of the chain while earning with much higher APY through triple farming. So we keep strategy very simple and can be reviewed within a few additional lines of code.
No hidden references or unverified strategic sources anymore. All strategy is same and straight forward, only targets differ according to the chain and hard-coded before deploying.
"Simple and transparent" is our motto.