Bank ver 2. The "Melting Pot"

  1. 1.
    When you enter the BANK, we’ll exchange your SING for An Eternal Bank Point. From there the SING will be burnt and removed from circulation. Now you will continue to receive rewards with just one deposit including tokens from strategic partners which will be distributed through this improved BANK system.
  2. 2.
    We’re keeping the original reward feature which generates USDC or a USD equivalent but is moving to a monthly dividend timeframe. Remember you can still actually claim at any time. This will help build up much more extreme payouts and yields to encourage more HODLing within the BANK vault.
  3. 3.
    We’re adding a Compound button that will exchange all earned USD/tokens into SING and then back into the BANK without the tax!
  4. 4.
    2% of accumulated USDT will be set aside into a new BANK Lottery Pot. So for example, if $100 USDT is accumulated in the bank, $2 USDT will be set aside into BANK Lottery Pot. When a user engages the compound function, and if the compounded amount exceeds a certain amount of SING, a Lottery Ticket will be given to the user. A winner will be picked with each dividend reset.
  5. 5.
    Finally, we’re adding the ability to harvest all tokens and USDT from the BANK in one claim. Simple and easy.
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