Lottery Vault

Auto-compounding vault with a cool Lottery bonus feature!🤞
Up until now, you’ve probably seen auto compounding vaults that have forked from several forks, but the process of simply increasing assets through auto compounding is cool but not cool enough. So to make it a cool and fun vault we are adding one more feature to this. That’s a lottery feature in which you will receive a lottery ticket proportional to your staked amount. So the more you have compounded, the higher chance of winning the lottery!
Our Lottery vault will compound at the most efficient intervals to maximize the earnings. Meaning that it is pretty much hassle free :)

How Do Vaults Benefit Singular?

The lottery vault is implemented with a 3% buyback used to burn $SING tokens. This opens up a brand new avenue for Singular farm to support and grow the floor price of $SING.
This burn feature is implemented to offset the emission rate of $SING and combat inflation, providing a solid baseline to support the positive growth for the price of the $SING token. As more and more users take advantage of the high APYs offered by vault, it’s easy to see that this would also result in burning 🔥 more and more $SING.
You might wonder looking at this, ‘what is snapshot?’
By staking at our lottery vault you are actually supporting $SING token, so as a reward we decided to give 1 lottery ticket per $1000. So for example, if you have $5000 worth of LP staked at our vault, your chance of winning will be 5 times higher than that of staking $1000 worth of LP token. You can take a snapshot at any time, at any pool or you can simply click “snapshot for all”. The winner of the lottery is drawn on a weekly basis.
You can choose to take a snapshot at any time of the day as long as you only take ONE snapshot per WEEK! Once the “count down for draw” hits 0, you can click on “Draw” to see if you have won. Make sure to claim before the next round, otherwise, the prize will be added to the next round’s prize! So do pay attention!
Oh! since we value all our Singers, we are giving opportunities to those who stakes less than $1000. You can earn a bonus ticket by clicking 'Compound for ticket' button. Only 1 ticket is generated every 2 hours to prevent abusing. First-come-first-served basis.