Lottery Vault User Guide: How to Use Vaults


Making a Choice

The first step to using Vaults is to pick the option that interests you. In this example, we will go with WBTC/WMATIC (APE LP)
How to Creat LP Tokens
In this example, the WBTC/WMATIC LP that is required to use the vault is an LP token created on the ApeSwap platform, denoted as “APE LP”. Use the “Get WBTC/WMATIC LP” button provided for your convenience.
Next, you must approve the Vault contract to grant it access to your LP balance. Hit “Approve Contract”.
In MetaMask, we must “Confirm” the approval.
Finally enter the amount of LP that you wish to commit to the vault. Click “STAKE”.
MetaMask will ask you to "Confirm" this transaction. Click Confirm! and Voila! you are done!