Yield farming and Strategic farming

A Lucrative and Unique Farming that is first to the DeFi world
1.Yield Farming to earn $SING: By staking the LP tokens
2.Strategic Farming to earn additional rewards of $BANANA or $JOE (depending on the chain, ex. $BANANA will be earned if you stake LP token on Polygon and BSC chains): You will earn tokens ($BANANA or $JOE) depending on the chain you are on. (Don't worry you don't have to do anything! This strategic farming automatically begin as soon as you provide LP tokens on our yield farm
  • ex) Let's say you stake LP token on Polygon chain.
    • LP token that you stake will be used to earn $BANANA from Apeswap. 95% of $BANANA will be distributed to you and 1% will be used to buyback and burn. 4% will be used for the further development and marketing